Strategic Plan

Destiny - Pride

Faith-Based Community

  • Create and develop partnerships with the faith-based community
  • Build partnerships between government, community, and faith-based organizations
  • Develop open lines of communication between faith-based organizations and the various community service providers and key stakeholders
  • Collaborate with faith-based organizations to work with at-risk youth and families to bring appropriate services and resources
  • Collaborate with faith-based organizations to provide mentoring to at-risk youth
  • Collaborate with faith-based organizations to re-institute the "Adopt-A-Family" program to bring appropriate and adequate resources to families in distress
  • Collaborate with faith-based organizations to provide mentoring, counseling and other support services to youth and their families, as needed

Community Service Providers/Other Non-Profit Agencies

Destiny - Pride
  • Play role as lead entity to triage individuals into appropriate community social service provider facilities that will be responsible for seamless continuum care services. Also will perform as a "Single Point of Entry" facility and will make services available to residents on a walk-in basis, during convenient operating hours and time periods. Additionally, will be structured to accept and funnel case referrals made to other social service and referral networks, thus reducing service wait time for residents and ensuring consolidated service tracking and monitoring.
  • As such, will create and maintain an IT-integrated "triaging" database that will be used to conduct preliminary assessments of individuals who do not fall within the realms of "neglect," "abuse" or "delinquency," but rather, who are in need of assistance/supervision to help stabilize them in their school and home settings. The database will be an intranet-based application that will enable participating service providers and caseworkers, with proper authorization, to view its information. Special emphasis will be placed on individuals who exhibit the following risk factors:
    • Children/youth whose personal/social/familial problems interfere with positive school performance;
    • Families who are in crisis and present acute social, emotional or familial distress;
    • Families with children who are at high risk for removal from the home or community because of inadequate parenting, poor family functioning or child maltreatment;
    • Young adults who present social, intellectual, emotional or physical challenges.
    • After the initial triaging process, these individuals will be provided a temporary Individual Service Plan ("ISP"), a corresponding Family Service Plan ("FSP") and will be immediately linked to the appropriate government/community service provider.

  • Support various alliances which help to strengthen the quality of services that foster the healthy development of children, youth and their families by creating a network of existing community service providers with the goal, as a lead entity, of creating a seamless system between the participants and those community service providers.
Destiny - Pride
Destiny - Pride
  • Partner with community organizations and private non-profit agencies to
    • connect them to walk-in and referred individuals;
    • increase the percentage of children who are socially and cognitively prepared for school, based on developmental and diagnostic assessments;
    • increase the percentage of children living in healthy and stable environments with supportive families;
    • increase the availability of parental development for individuals on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ("TANF") and/or individuals in distress and in need of assistance, through workforce development programs;
    • increase the availability of services and support to primary/relative caregivers;
    • increase the availability of affordable housing;
    • eliminate overlapping services to more effectively bring adequate and appropriate resources to participants.

Ex-Offender Program

  • Work with ex-offender assistance service providers to help with the transition process of ex-offenders in an effort to decrease the rate of recidivism by providing resources and support to them through family support systems, life skills training programs, basic computer literacy training, job training programs and counseling services, as well as being the linkage for collaboration with various other service providers and governmental family service agencies with the goal of bringing these individuals to a place of self-sufficiency and self-worth. Through its workforce development arm, Destiny - Pride will work to connect these individuals to meaningful and lasting employment with the objective of reintegrating them into (or back into) their appropriate family setting.
  • Work with ex-offender assistance service providers to develop innovative offender re-entry programs.
  • Connect ex-offenders with mentoring programs.


  • Training programs include basic social skill awareness; literacy training; tutoring, basic computer skills; job skills training; personal development life management training; economic and financial stability training; teenage pregnancy prevention; and various other workshops, peer-to-peer sessions and focus groups.
Destiny - Pride

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