Ex-Offender Program

Destiny - Pride

One of the hardest things an ex-offender in transition has to deal with is the transitioning process itself. Destiny – Pride will work with ex-offender assistance service providers to help with the transition process of ex-offenders in an effort to decrease the rate of recidivism by providing resources and support to them through family support systems, life skills training programs, basic computer literacy training, job training programs and counseling services, as well as being the linkage for collaboration with various other service providers and governmental family service agencies with the goal of bringing these individuals to a place of self-sufficiency and self-worth. Under this project, Destiny – Pride will assign a juvenile counselor and teams of social workers, family intervention specialists, and mental health professionals to counsel youth released, provide interventions for the youth, address family functioning, and serve as referral sources for family members. Through its workforce development arm, Destiny - Pride will work to connect these individuals to meaningful and lasting employment with the objective of reintegrating them into (or back into) their appropriate family settings.

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